Raised in Taiwan, Stephanie Chang’s lifelong infatuation with art began at an early age as she learned to paint watercolor and became proficient in Chinese calligraphy. Intent on furthering her skills and establishing a career that revolved around her artistic passions, she obtained a BFA in Graphic Design from the Massachusetts College of Arts & Design.

Additionally, she acquired a Masters in Teaching Visual Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2007, she was awarded the Marian Churchill Scholarship Award in Art Education as well as the Graduate Fellowship Art Education Award. She later taught art courses to students at Montrose Christian School in Rockville, Maryland.

Stephanie has exhibited her award-winning work both locally and internationally. In addition to continuing to produce new pieces, she invests in the local community by leading art classes for both children and adults at her in-home art studio in Rockville, Maryland. She hopes to instill in her students a technical knowledge of various art mediums as well as an appreciation of art history.