Art Classes

Summer and Fall 2022
Art Class Schedule:

I am delighted to share that we will be offering in-person art courses in Taipei, Taiwan this summer! Art Classes at my home studio in Rockville, Maryland and the Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia, will resume in the fall 2022.

Figure Drawing Summer Workshop

Taipei, Taiwan

7-10pm on Mondays, July 7th & 14th, 2022

Class: 3 hours, 2 sessions

Location: Sean Art

In this class we will explore how to capture the essence of a pose with gesture, line, and value with anatomic accuracy. We will place emphasis on observing proportion, composition, and providing tools to capture likeness, render light and shadow, and create strong design.

Portrait Painting in the Style of Velasquez & 19th Century French Salon

Taipei, Taiwan

7-10pm on Thursdays, July 28th, Aug. 4th, Aug. 11th, 2022

Class: 3 hours, 3 sessions

Location: Sean Art

Inspired by the painting style of Spanish painter Diego Velázquez and French artist Carolus-Duran’s teaching in 19th century French salons, we will explore the technique and guidelines from those great masters to create our own modern portrait paintings.

Classes will include a combination of demonstration, step-by-step direction, and critique.

Creative Art Class (In-Person, all levels, Age 9-15) 

Rockville, MD

Get in touch with your creative side while exploring different art mediums such as charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and 3D project/sculpture. Classes will include a combination of demonstration, experimentation, and critique.

4pm- 5:15pm, Tuesdays, (Sept. 13th – Nov 15st, 2022)
Class: 1 hour 15 minutes, 10 sessions
Price: $360 (material included); $39/class for drop-in

Portrait Painting and Figure Drawing,
(In-Person, Intermediate to Advanced, Age 12+)

Rockville, MD

This class provides a foundation for observation-based figure drawing and portrait painting in the style of classical realism. We will cover the anatomy of human figure, learn about gesture, value and proportion. The second half the sessions will focus on the portrait painting in oil. Classes will include a combination of demonstration, step-by-step direction, discussion, and art appreciation.

1010:00am- 12:00pm, Saturdays,
(Sept. 10th – Nov. 12t, 2021)
Class: 2 hours, 10 sessions
Price: $492 (Please bring your own oil painting supplies); $55/class for drop-in

Basic Drawing for Young People (Age 9-12)
at The Art League School  

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching Basic Drawing for Young People (Ages 9-12) at The Art League. Scheduled will be shared in the summer.

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